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About NuGreen Solutions

NuGreen is a unique Australian Energy Services Company (ESCo) formed by the directors of Nuvo Group and Urban Maintenance Systems, and specialist partners, to audit, finance, manage, deliver and maintain energy efficiency, LED lighting, PV Solar and other technical solutions for the built environment.

We service blue chip and government clients in the Commercial and Industrial, Retail, Hotel & Entertainment, Industrial, Healthcare, Education and Community sectors. We provide a suite of end-to-end services, delivered by in-house resources across Australia through our network of offices.

Backed by leading financial institutions, including Westpac, FlexiGroup and Clean Energy Finance Corporation we offer capital expenditure, operational expenditure or fully funded energy efficiency solutions allowing clients to lease environmental and energy efficiency upgrade projects. Under any of our financial models NuGreen can take full responsibility of the maintenance for up to 10 years, or longer as agreed with our clients.

Established to address the emerging energy and technology related issues facing Australian organisations we are “Product Agnostic” and have sourced the world’s best and latest technology from a range of leading suppliers.

With the ‘whole of life’ mindset entrenched in our thinking NuGreen not only manage the audit, design & installation of retrofit and new projects, we navigate clients through the complex aspects of energy efficiency, carbon management, grants, government programs, carbon trading initiatives, and carbon certificate generation and certification.

NuGreen’s unique energy efficiency and technology integration approach enables us to act as your ‘Trusted Advisor’, assessing how your asset and business can become more energy efficient through the best ‘value for money’ approach enabling your business to meet obligations with least impact.

We use the world’s best and latest technology to minimise customers’ energy consumption and cost. We are also one of the only companies to finance and lease back the equipment as well as take responsibility for maintenance. NuGreen allows clients to pay for energy efficiency projects on a monthly fee basis with the option to purchase in the future.

For a client to achieve immediate cost savings on their energy bills and meet stringent national green building codes, the client will have to consider refitting an entire commercial application. The initial capital expenditure of that project would be quite substantial and potentially cost prohibitive. This option may not always be suitable and a return on investment may not be realised for an extended period.

NuGreen replaces large upfront costs with a low monthly fee and maintenance free periods. The client receives the services and products installed with the added security and assurance of ZERO maintenance costs.

This allows for the immediate commencement of projects that would normally have large capital costs and extended payback periods. With NuGreen the concepts of payback periods are a thing of the past. NuGreen provides immediate impact and savings. No more budgeting large retrofit projects – use the current expenditure model to cover new projects.

NuGreen allows clients to pay for an energy efficiency project on a monthly fee basis with the option to purchase in the future

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Our Team of Directors


Paul Schlaphoff

National Business

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Paul McMurtrie

Executive Director,

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Campbell Walker

Executive Director,
Business Development

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Our Process



NuGreen will identify the goals and requirements of each individual client when first approached. The environmental, financial, energy and CO2 needs of every client is unique. NuGreen will ensure it has an exact understanding of your needs and will tailor the appropriate solution.


Stage 1 Energy Audit

NuGreen will complete an energy audit of your business/facility and create a report of current energy consumption, including baseline costs from areas like lighting, HVAC, machinery, motors and drives, lifts etc and provide estimated projected savings opportunities available through an upgrade to more energy efficient technology, plant and equipment. NuGreen will also estimate the cost to fund an upgrade or retro fit that will immediately reduce your energy expenditure.


Stage 2 Detailed Energy Audit

NuGreen will complete an in-depth analysis of your current energy systems and create a detailed report that outlines: A new designed system to reduce energy consumption & greenhouse emissions. The monthly cost required to fund the upgrade. NuGreen will also address aspects like lighting, HVAC optimisation & onsite energy generation like solar technologies, as well as a proposed marketing strategy that will communicate your energy saving initiatives.



After working with you to select the most appropriate solution for your facility, NuGreen has the ability to finance the cost associated with the supply of the products and enter into a predetermined financing agreement. The business offers finance on a monthly or yearly basis or financing through a monthly service fee. All these approaches offer a fundamental Environmental Upgrade Finance methodology which uses a payment approach to amortise the costs over a pre agreed program period which result in you being able to realise your energy savings from day one.



NuGreen will assign a project manager for your project. We then complete the necessary steps to schedule and perform the installation of your project around your schedule to minimise disruption to your business. The project manager is available throughout the installation process to handle all aspects of completing the project.



NuGreen provides on-going service and support for the life of the program. NuGreen will manage, at no charge, the ongoing maintenance of all installed fittings over the life of the program, including replacing faulty fittings that fall under the long term protection plan warranty. These warranties are extensive and can be up to 15 years.

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