NuGreen can increase your cash flow and reduce maintenance risk with our wrapped solutions



Clients that engage with NuGreen Solutions realise positive economic and environmental benefits.

We provide our clients with expertise across a range of innovative solutions, which directly enables them to improve the performance of their assets, tenancies and property portfolio.

We work with a wide range of clients including; Top 500 companies, Property Trusts, Small and Medium Enterprise, Private Organisations, Non-Government Organisations, Local, State and Federal Government agencies.

We are a privately owned company that draws on over 60 years of combined commercial experience and abides by a business philosophy and commercial focus squarely aimed at providing clients with second to none, end-to-end, energy efficiency solutions.

The ways in which NuGreen Solutions supports our clients in delivering an Energy Efficiency Strategy are:

  • Trusted Advisor in Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Auditing, Opportunities Analysis and Reporting
  • Energy and business case modelling
  • Financing, Funding and Grants

  • Design Consultancy
  • Specification and Product Supply
  • Implementation and Installation
  • Long term Protection Plan Warranties
  • On-going Maintenance and service support

  • Energy Management, Monitoring, Measurement & Verification
  • VEET and ESCi rebates certificate generation as an Accredited Person (AP)
  • Program and Project Management, Tendering and Implementation
  • Stakeholder management

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Industry Profiles

The efficient operational management of a property asset and business is critical to maintaining the profitability of any organisation. Whilst every industry / sector is different there are many commonalities when considering energy efficiency strategy that must be considered. Where and how are you using energy? Where is energy being wasted? Where are the opportunities for savings and reductions?

NuGreen Solutions work across many industry sectors and understands the specific energy and performance profiles of all asset classes. A 20 level office tower uses power and operates quite differently to a 40,000 sqm Industrial Distribution Centre, a large retail store, a hospital or a Casino.

Our experienced in-house team of 150 posses’ skills in all aspects of auditing, funding, design, specification, supply, installation, maintenance, measurement & verification of energy efficiency projects.

We have experience delivering energy efficiency upgrades at some of Australia’s most well known sites, Including; Crown Entertainment Complex, Q1 Hotel and Spa, The Oracle, Grand Hyatt Hotels, University of Melbourne, Toll Group Properties, The Readers Digest Building, Austin Hospital to name just a few.

What ever industry you’re in NuGreen can assist you as a “Trusted Advisor” to deliver Integrated Building Energy Retrofits that deliver long term economic and environmental benefits for your organisation. The below links demonstrate some recent examples of our work in each Industry sector.


The office sector includes small single level offices to a typical CBD tower of 50+ levels. Lighting, HVAC, Lifts and Tuning and Commissioning offer easy opportunities for energy savings. An Energy Audit will identify areas for improvement.


We have completed some major Industrial energy efficiency upgrades including a national roll out for Toll Group. Changing old Metal Halide High Bays for energy efficient LED’s saves clients over 60%. Integrating sensor controls and securing Energy Efficiency Certificates can reduce the payback to around 2 years.


Working closely with our clients and architects we are able to provide the right look and feel utilising energy efficiency products and new technologies. Our in-house design and engineering teams understand lighting design and we have assisted large retailers like Crown, Optus, Kmart, Target and Aesop with store lighting and energy design, product specification, implementation and have achieved some fantastic outcomes.


Over a number of years NuGreen has completed some significant energy efficiency upgrades within the hotel sector, including Crown Towers, Metropol and Promenade hotels, Grand Hyatt Group, Peppers, Q1 Resort and Spa to name just a few. Solutions included LED Lighting retrofits, HVAC optimisation, and room based access control linked to card readers, general controls and sensors.


Facilities like restaurants, conference centres, bars and clubs traditionally operate for long hours and facilities usually have many lights and large equipment like cool rooms, fridges, and complex mechanical systems including heating, air conditioning and air extraction. Energy savings in these types of assets deliver improved profitability and extend equipment life cycle through reduced maintenance.


Over the last 3 years more than 750,000 light fittings at Crown Entertainment Complex in Melbourne have been upgraded to LED, hundreds of sensors and controls connected to the HVAC system and access card systems installed to deliver significant energy efficiency savings. This work has been undertaken by NuGreen in collaboration with the incumbent electrical maintenance contractor, our partner company Nuvo Group. Our experience in the gaming and casino space is second to none.


Health facilities are some of the largest energy consumers and operate 24/7. Lighting, HVAC, motors, pumps and hot water are the services backbone of any hospital, health or aged care facility. NuGreen has undertaken many energy efficiency upgrade projects in the health sector from LED lighting, solar hot water, voltage optimisation, controls and sensors, HVAC and BMS optimisation to Co-Gen and boiler upgrades. The energy and maintenance savings are significant.


Primary, Secondary and Tertiary education facilities are many and varied but all consume large amounts of energy. Wether it’s a classroom, lecture theatre, stadiums or general office areas it’s important to create an environment suitable for teaching and learning. With budgets always very tight conserving energy leads to an improved budget position and also improves the indoor environment quality. NuGreen has many examples of the specific design and implementation of energy efficiency solutions for educational facilities.


Community buildings like Libraries, Community Centres, Arts Centres and Theatres, Aquatic centres, Sports stadiums, Halls, Meeting spaces and local council facilities and infrastructure are critical to every community. NuGreen support local councils, state and federal government to ensure these facilities run efficiency and are well maintained. All of these types of assets offer many ways to make significant energy savings and cost and carbon reductions.


With the rise of 24/7 fitness centres focus has quickly shifted to the reduction of operational expenditure. Lighting and HVAC make up a significant portion of these types of facilities and can quickly get out of control with rising energy costs. Our technology and product solutions offer fast and easy ways to halve the energy consumption and improve the bottom line for gym owners. Think of NuGreen as your properties “Personal Trainer”.

Multi-level Residential

Q1 Tower on the Gold Coast is known as Australia’s tallest residential building and one of the tallest in the world. NuGreen has delivered the major energy efficiency and lighting retrofit project at the site; and also recently completed a similar project at the iconic The Oracle and Peppers Broadbeach. Savings in multi-level residential towers are significant and can be as much as 80% off lighting costs. Combined with aspects like pools, hot water and motors and pumps we are able to save body corporate and building owners and operators large amounts of money.

PV solar

Generating your own renewable power on-site has long been out of reach as the payback periods have been long and created a barrier to installation. With feed in tariffs low or likely to be cut new and disruptive models have now been introduced. NuGreen has completed a number of Major PV Solar design, fund, supply and install projects that enable clients to save from day one with our no capital upfront solutions.

Lighting Retrofit Opportunities

It is estimated that Lighting consumes 22% of the world’s electricity. Most lighting is extremely inefficient and costly to maintain. No matter what kind of facility you have chances are upgrading the lighting will save you money, improve your facility and benefit the environment.

Sporting Facilities

Training under hot metal halide or incandescent lighting isn’t appealing and fluorescent lighting makes people look dull and makes the facility look dingy. Traditionally fluorescent lighting has been the choice of Sporting Facilities. With the cost of fluorescent lamps skyrocketing, and their questionable environmental record, now is the time to switch to real energy-efficient lighting. Your clients will thank you – they work hard to look good and your lighting isn’t helping.

Warehouses & Offices

Electricity and maintenance make up a large portion of lighting costs associated with the overhead expenses in a warehouse & office facility. These facilities can often run lights for up to 24hrs a day. Installing a new LED intelligent lighting system can reduce these costs and create a comfortable and healthy working environment for staff.


High quality lighting is a critical part of an effective manufacturing facility. Shutting down equipment to maintain faulty lights is costly and disruptive. Manufacturing facilities understand that every minute in production is essential which is why upgrading to an effective LED lighting system can make immediate improvements to the bottom line.

Hospitals & Aged Care Facilities

Hospitals and medical facilities are places where people go to be comforted and healed. These facilities strive to improve the atmosphere for their patients and staff, while working under budgetary constraints and pressure to reduce costs. Often great detail is put into the lighting to create an environment where patients feel at home. This can be done without the expense associated with traditional lighting. Switching to energy-efficient lighting can save you money and improve the level of comfort your facility portrays.

Hotel & Gaming Venues

Hotels & Gaming Venues are one of the largest users of lighting related electricity with long hours of operation. Lighting plays an important role in this industry, exterior lighting draws in potential customers while providing a safe facility. In hallways and lobbies, where halogen spots are on 16 or 24 hours, the case for led is clear. Total costs of electricity, replacements and maintenance can often be reduced by more than 50%. There are many opportunities to improve the efficiency of Hotel & Gaming lighting all while reducing your carbon footprint and improving the quality of light.

Bars & Restaurants

Often one of the most important design element in a bar or restaurant is the lighting. Because these facilities desire the ability to dim the lighting many of them have continued to use inefficient incandescent or halogen lighting. This type of lighting looks great – but is also extremely inefficient, burns out quickly, and runs very hot. With energy-efficient lighting you can have it all – great looking lighting that is dimmable, a 70-90% reduction in electricity and years between lamp changes.

Schools & Universities

Education facilities are taking a leading role in sustainability and energy-efficiency. Often what is done at the educational level is repeated in other government and private business facilities. In addition to leading the sustainability charge, schools and universities must create and maintain a safe and secure environment for their students, staff and visitors. In tough economic times, when budgets are thin, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs can be increasingly beneficial.

Shopping Centres / Retail

Lighting is critical in attracting retail customers. Majority of retailers rely in ineffective halogen lighting to produce the quality of light they require. Halogen lights are extremely expensive to maintain uses a lot of electricity and adds a lot of heat to the surroundings creating an uncomfortable environment for the shopper and for staff. Energy-efficient lighting solves those problems while maintaining the quality of light you require.


Supermarkets have long hours of operation, often running 24/7. Lighting expenses are a large part of the overall budget and implementing smart and efficient lighting can drastically reduce the bottom line while improving the quality of light in the facility. Halogen lights are extremely expensive to maintain uses a lot of electricity and adds a lot of heat to the surroundings creating an uncomfortable environment for the shopper and for staff. Energy-efficient lighting solves those problems while maintaining the quality of light you require.

Service Stations

Selecting the right sustainable lighting products for Service Stations can be challenging due to complexities associated with working at heights often above 6 meters.. NuGreen have sourced a range of high quality LED products with sufficient output and suitable beam angles that are suitable for Service Stations. Professional high-bay fittings are available showing payback periods as short as 3 years.

Plus many more…

With numerous funding options available through government grants and with the long term leasing options offered by NuGreen, all of these improvements are now achievable with minimal to no capital outlay required.


Coles & Polar Fresh

“The LED High Bay project was on a very tight deadline; NuGreen Solutions was able to complete the final certified design, commit to and achieve the delivery dates; all fittings were delivered to site ahead of time which ensured the LED lighting installation remained ahead of programme.”


“The LED lighting upgrade at Crown Promenade performed by NuGreen/Nuvo has significantly reduced the power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions while improving the NABERS rating and overall lighting quality of the site.”

Hawthorn Library

“NuGreen Solutions won a competitive tender for the energy efficiency lighting upgrade at Hawthorn Library.

We found the NuGreen team to be easy to work with, organised and very capable, particularly delivering our project whilst we remained fully operational. The site teams were very flexible, polite and nothing was too much.

The end result is fantastic and staff and library users feel like they are in a brand new space.”


“We engaged NuGreen Solutions to undertake the generation and trading of Energy Saving Certificates across Kmart’s Victorian and New South Wales properties.

NuGreen really supported our internal team in this rollout and their expertise enabled us to secure significant incentives under the relevant VEET and ESCi programs.

Their team was detailed, efficient and managed many stakeholders with ease to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.”

Australian Unity

“NuGreen Solutions was engaged by Equiset to design and supply a new major energy efficient LED lighting and technology installation project for Australian Unity at their latest Aged Care facility in Carlton.

The Design & Construct element delivered by NuGreen Solutions consisted of a full energy efficient LED and architectural lighting package and smart technology. The project was delivered at a competitive cost, in a hassle free manner achieving a fantastic outcome for us and the client.”

Readers Digest EUA

“Our EUA project commenced with a Level 1 and Level 2 Energy Audit undertaken by NuGreen Solutions to identify the opportunities for energy efficient upgrades, this was then presented for EUA funding approval.

When NuGreen first inspected the heritage building they immediately saw a number of opportunities that would really assist us in upgrading the assets plant and equipment, and at the same time are able to save us, the building landlord, and our tenants significant operational costs whilst reducing carbon emissions.

The NuGreen teams skill and expertise will deliver us 70% cost saving on Lighting and 60% cost saving on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning leading to 7,680 tonnes of C02 saved over the life of the program, a fantastic outcome.”

Contact NuGreen Solutions today on 1300 300 025 or email to find out more about how we can help your business reduce energy and save money