NuGreen Solutions is delivering an energy efficiency upgrade project in a historic building in Surry Hills, NSW. The $1.2 million Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) provides long-term low-cost finance for environmental infrastructure. This EUA is only the third such agreement to be signed in NSW and is the City of Sydney’s second EUA. The project commenced with a Level 1 and Level 2 Energy Audit undertaken by NuGreen Solutions to identify the opportunities for energy efficient upgrades and was then presented for EUA funding approval.

Geoff Goulrey NuGreen Director, Sustainability Integration said “when we first inspected the heritage building we immediately saw a number of opportunities that would really assist in upgrading the assets plant and equipment, and at the same time be able to save the building landlord and tenants significant operational costs whilst reducing carbon emissions.”

“We have modelled a 70% cost saving on Lighting and 60% cost saving on Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning leading to 7,680 tonnes of C02 saved over the life of the program.” Mr Gourley said.
Current tenants will get new lights and a better heating and air conditioning without having to out lay any capital; the benefits for our staff working environment will be fantastic, and just in time for a hot summer.

The EUA funding model provides for the design and installation of two new energy efficiency chillers and the removal of old existing fluorescent lighting and retrofit to the latest in LED lighting and smart lighting and BMS controls throughout the building. In addition the project covers both the base building and tenancy areas. The EUA was signed by the City of Sydney, landlord, and NAB and Eureka Funds Management.

The impletion will be delivered over the next few months managed by NuGreen Solutions. The original chiller (circa 1966) will be decommissioned and two other older chillers which currently use Ozone Depleting Gas (ODG) R22 will be removed and replaced with two energy efficient models which use a environmentally friendly refrigerants. The lighting in all common areas and including the tenant’s areas will be upgraded to the latest in LED technology linked to smart controls.

For further information on how NuGreen Solutions assists building owners develop and implement an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA) and Environmental Upgrade Finance (EUF) please contact Geoff Gourley, Director – Sustainability Integration on 0428 317 387 or .au