NuGreen Solutions have joined Low Carbon Australia and FlexiGroup’s Energy Smart Finance program.

Low Carbon Australia’s CEO Meg McDonald said NuGreen Solutions was a welcome addition to Energy Smart Finance accredited vendors and would provide a growing range of options for businesses looking to improve their energy efficiency.

“They have a broad spectrum of experience in providing energy efficiency solutions that has covered commercial buildings, warehouses, sporting facilities, supermarkets, retailers, hospitals and aged care facilities, hotels, banks, universities, schools and street lighting,” she said.

NuGreen Solutions Director of Business Nationally Paul Schlaphoff said the Victorian-based Sustainability Integrators offered the best bread of technical advisors who were on the cutting edge of sustainable technology and could deliver specialty solutions from concept to completion.

“We’re particularly proud to be part of the Energy Smart Finance program which provides leasing solutions to the SME market and we’d encourage businesses who have thought about energy efficiency but don’t know where to start to consider us,” he said.

“Our business is very unique where we are creating the opportunities and having to infiltrate companies through the auditing avenue unlike the hard dollar tender market and having partnerships with key providers is fundamental to our continued success says Schlaphoff”

“LED technology was previously cost prohibitive due to the pricing levels, with a fully funded solution this is now negated and the huge savings potentials are now a reality with most customers being cash positive from the outset asserts Schlaphoff”


“Partnering with Energy Smart Finance we’ll be focusing on providing LED lighting and energy efficiency retrofit solutions ends Schlaphoff.”

NuGreen provides a guarantee that should there be any failure in the equipment over the protection plan – leasing period, they will replace it at no cost within the agreed service parameters.

Once the leasing period has expired, NuGreen customers own the equipment outright.

NuGreen Solutions are a National Business with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

For more information about the Energy Smart Finance program see www.energysmartfinance.com.au

For more information about Low Carbon Australia see www.lowcarbonaustralia.com.au