NuGreen is a provider of energy efficient products and sustainability solutions to businesses throughout Australia. The formation of NuvoGroup, an electrical contractor, UMS a maintenance contractor, and a sustainability consultant, NuGreen is able to offer whole of life solutions in the energy efficiency and sustainable project spaces. “What that brought together were the contacts and the networks associated with those individuals, as well as the respective skill set possessed by each different organisation,” says Sustainability Integration Director Geoff Gourley. NuGreen operates within a unique and innovative business model that combined all aspects of sustainability, as well as the financing for such solutions. “The way that we do up the business case, the design, the installation and the maintenance is really a whole of life approach that considers all of those elements, and we fund the solution.” The entirety of this business model was designed from the ground up by NuGreen, and includes the use of advanced modelling calculators, which aid in the interpretation of a project or asset’s data. With such data, the company can work out the best design solution possible, and present it in a simple, easy to understand

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