Our Suppliers


In the Energy Efficiency and Technology market there are many manufacturers and suppliers offering varying levels of quality, and most ‘selling’ just their own product, regardless of whether it’s the best solution for your project.

NuGreen Solutions has adopted a ‘Product Agnostic’ approach and has established strong working relationships with leading manufacturers across a variety of plant, equipment, assets and technology.

Our ‘best of breed’ approach ensures we provide our clients with the right solutions, competitively priced, quality products, which are backed by long protection plan warranties, giving you peace of mind in your investment decision.

During our initial audit, design and specification stages we select a number of suitable manufacturers that can supply the best solution for each specific project. We stay close to emerging technologies and advancements in equipment like LED Lighting, PV Solar, HVAC, Controls, Sensors and the like.

With NuGreen you can be sure you will receive independent advice and product agnostic selection.