powerstationPower Storage Systems

Generate, store, and then use your own free power. The power storage solution is a unique battery back-up system that lets you take control of your power usage.

  • Minimise your electricity usage from the Grid
  • Instantly activate battery power when it’s needed
  • Never be exposed to short term blackouts

An exciting innovation now allows SME’s to lower their Grid Electricity usage like never before – and succeed in becoming more self sufficient.

The power storage system cleverly combines quality; roof mounted Solar Power Panels with special Australian designed Battery Back-Up. Giving you the capacity to generate, store and use free electricity at every opportunity and eliminate ever being affected by Grid blackouts. The power storage system will give your business many hours of free electricity based on the size and capacity of the battery back-up you have. And unlike a standard solar system that shuts down once the grid stops, the power storage system will utilise the power the solar panels are generating to power your business during daylight hours. The system is available as Free Standing or Wall Mounted units.

Systems with the intelligence to reduce the rate you pay

Our belief is that excess power should be stored and used when it is of the most benefit to you. The price of power changes depending on the time of day you use it. The peak price times are generally when you use the most power in your business. It’s no coincidence that these price peaks clash with your businesses busy schedule.

For enquiries contact the NuGreen commercial solar team info@nugreen.com.au