Commercial Solar


System Design & Install

Our Commercial Solar Division covers power systems installed on rooftops and constructing new car park and ground mount installations for organisations across Australia. Anyone who wants to offset electricity from the Grid can benefit from a Solar PV installation.

The benefits of producing some or all of your organisation’s power requirements from a Solar PV installation system are obvious. A Solar PV installation will reduce your electricity bill, and with electricity prices forecast to rise exponentially over the next 5 years – by as much as 40% depending on where you are located – Solar PV installation systems make a lot of sense.

Plus a Solar PV installation reduces your carbon emissions – The bigger the Solar PV installation system you install, the more carbon you are abating and you will increase the value of your building by improving your NABERs/Green Star rating. A well-designed system can generate more than enough energy for the business with any excess either sold back to the grid or to other tenants, if applicable, under an embedded energy network.

The other aspect of the investment is that some installations reach payback in as little as three years. Of course there are many variables in play, but even if it took seven years to break even, there is still the income stream for the balance of the projected 25 year life.

NuGreen Solutions specialist Commercial Solar team are highly experienced in designing, supplying and installing PV Solar systems from 30kW to over 1MW systems. Our in-house design team can quickly assess the suitability of your facility and area, for the provision of a Solar PV installation.

Photovoltaic Solar & Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

Solar energy use in commercial buildings falls into two main categories – electricity generation and water heating.

Photovoltaic cells generate electricity when exposed to sunlight and panels of them can be placed on the external surfaces of a building to supply power. Generating energy on site means the building won’t need to use as much mains power, reducing both energy bills and greenhouse emissions.

Solar hot water systems work in a similar manner – collectors are placed on the exterior of the building and use the sun’s energy to heat water which can then be used inside the building.

The most common issue encountered in the past with solar energy systems is cost. They tended to be expensive to install, and in some cases the savings made over the system’s lifetime won’t be enough to recoup the initial investment. This has now changed and systems payback periods have been significantly reduced.

As with other options, solar energy systems require careful life cycle and cost-benefit analysis but have also reduced in price.

Power Storage Systems

Generate, store, and then use your own free power. The power storage solution is a unique battery back-up system that lets you take control of your power usage.

  • Minimise your electricity usage from the Grid
  • Instantly activate battery power when it’s needed
  • Never be exposed to short term blackouts

An exciting innovation now allows SME’s to lower their Grid Electricity usage like never before – and succeed in becoming more self sufficient.

The power storage system cleverly combines quality; roof mounted Solar Power Panels with special Australian designed Battery Back-Up. Giving you the capacity to generate, store and use free electricity at every opportunity and eliminate ever being affected by Grid blackouts. The power storage system will give your business many hours of free electricity based on the size and capacity of the battery back-up you have. And unlike a standard solar system that shuts down once the grid stops, the power storage system will utilise the power the solar panels are generating to power your business during daylight hours. The system is available as Free Standing or Wall Mounted units.

Solar Car Parks

A Solar Car Park generates electricity and shades the cars parked underneath. This increases the appeal of the establishment and its foot traffic. It is common industry knowledge that a covered car park increases foot traffic by (5) five percent through the centre or venue. Our innovative approach to funding the Solar Car Park is to use the generated electricity to pay for the entire project. When compared to Sail Shades a Solar Car Park can be $5,000 cash flow positive, over a 10 year period, per bay.

Solar Generation & Maintenance Agreement (Solar – GMA)

Conventional product delivery for a Solar PV installation is under a Capex or Financed arrangement where the installation company is paid upfront for the work and the system is signed over to the owner once it reaches practical completion. The owner then is in a position to inform the installation company when the system isn’t performing up to specification, however most owners do not have the in house capability to know when their system is performing up to specification. Hence systems tend to underperform drastically due to unrealised equipment breakdowns.

NuGreen Solutions began delivering Solar PV installations under an arrangement to address the situation where the owner and beneficiary of a Solar PV installation needs to monitor and analyse the output of the Solar PV installation. NuGreen began installing Solar PV under an arrangement where the specialists, NuGreen, are monitoring the system.

NuGreen Solutions are alerted to any equipment breakdown and are able to act with-in 48 hours. Solar PV installations with this service generate 13% more, on average, than a PV installation with regular maintenance and reporting. NuGreen Solutions Solar PV installations dramatically outperform “set and forget” installations due to the lack of equipment monitoring by experts.

Systems with the intelligence to reduce the rate you pay

Our belief is that excess power should be stored and used when it is of the most benefit to you. The price of power changes depending on the time of day you use it. The peak price times are generally when you use the most power in your business. It’s no coincidence that these price peaks clash with your businesses busy schedule.

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