Loganholme sports centreLogan City Council were looking to improve the current lux levels at the Cornubia Insports Centre, where the current lux levels had reduced to between 180 – 350lux and the replacement of the existing 400Watt Metal halide fittings was becoming more and more frequent due to the out-dated technology.

In addition to the low lux and high cost of maintenance the flexibility of being able to switch the lights after mains power interruptions was a major factor for the centre.

NuGreen Solutions were able to maintain the current lighting layout and provide a LED solution by replacing the 400Watt MH fittings with 185 Watt Defused 4000k 80 CRI LED Highbays, which would provide an average lux of 500 and save the Council around 60% of their current lighting tariff.

Switching on off is now no longer a issue with the Instant start technology illuminating the centre as required.

Based on the pre-audit survey, NuGreen  upgraded 68 Metal Halide Highbays fittings to 68 Led Highbays, which were sourced from our manufacturing partners including a 7 year protection plan warranty.