Energy Audits


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With electricity prices moving upwards & various network and environmental charges a reality, clients need to closely monitor and manage their energy consumption to avoid significant cost impacts.

NuGreen Solutions assist clients take control of their energy consumption, demand and costs.

The first step is for us to undertake an energy audit on your facilities. In line with AS3598:2000; NuGreen’s experienced team of auditors provide Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Energy Audits.

In short, we:

  • Audit the site and undertake a detailed analysis
  • Review all energy data, billing and network and environmental charges
  • Identify and quantify cost reduction opportunities
  • Identify and quantify revenue generation opportunities (like solar)
  • Report and present our findings and recommendations
  • Prepare quotations and financial modelling
  • Assess and advise applicable grants, rebates and funding opportunities

The scope of an energy audit is extensive and detailed; we consider all energy uses at the site including:

  • LED Lighting, Controls, Sensors and Design optimisation
  • Building Management Systems, Automation, Controls, Tuning and Commissioning
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning Systems, Switches, Sensors and Controls
  • Chillers, Boilers and Variable Speed Drives, Heat Pumps and Motors
  • Building Envelope improvements
  • Sub Metering, Monitoring and Reporting, NABERS
  • Small Scale PV Solar, consideration for a larger system where roof structure can support the installation, installed to reduce reliance and consumption from Grid based power. Please see recent story on our Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)
  • Micro Wind turbines which (subject to local Town Planning) can be installed and used to reduce reliance and consumption from Grid based power
  • Co-Gen systems (where applicable) again for on-site energy generation and used to reduce reliance and consumption from Grid based power
  • Water and waste initiatives can also be considered
  • Consideration of how an Business Upgrade Agreement / Finance (BUA/BUF) or Energy Performance Contract (EPC) could be applied to facilities.

Our experienced team then prepares a detailed report of current consumption, costs and provide a list of fully costed recommended solutions. We also provide estimated projected savings, finance options, certificate rebates (if applicable) to carry out the works.

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